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New venue for Reading Rust Meetup

May 9, 2024 | Tim Abell | 0 minute read

If you weren’t aware, The Rust Workshop runs a meetup in the tech hub of Reading, UK, providing a local focal point for all with an interest in Rust without having to travel into London.

The schedule is the second Tuesday of every month, and you can subscribe on here: Reading Rust Workshop Meetup - next event is this coming Tuesday.

The news for this month is that following the closing down of Browns on the Oracle riverside we had to find a new venue. After zipping round a series of possible venues for us to use yesterday evening and selecting a winner, we’ll be holding our meetups from now on at Reading Biscuit Factory, which provides a great atmosphere for a gathering of like-minded people, a bar, coffee shop and food services all in the same building (plus a three screen cinema, and a couple of rentable rooms we can use if we want to put on talks).