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How to be part of the rust community

April 27, 2023 | Tim Abell | 1 minute read

As I’ve joined the UK rust community it’s not been super-clear to me how to join in online. So here’s some resources to help you get stuck in. lists some of these, and more.



  • - this is more about contributing to the Rust language itself rather than just using it, but still worth looking around
  • - this is where the user-community hangs out, lots of channels for particular interests (web dev, cli, async, security etc)
  • The Rust Workshop has a Discord community server for the community around the business and those generally interested in hacking on rust things in the business world. To join use this discord invite link. You can often find us hacking on interesting things, sharing resources we’ve found etc. If you’d like to become part of the business it’s a good first step and any opportunities will go there first.



I’d never heard of matrix, but apparently it’s a decentralized chat thing;

The rust embedded team hang out on matrix and you can find them here:

I took the default suggestion and signed up with using the web client.

IRL Meetup